Saturday, April 17, 2010

We are Amused: Obama as Royalty

A quote attributed to Queen Elizabeth I (sometimes to Queen Victoria) has the offended aristocrat icily dismissing a courtier's off color comment thusly: "We are not amused." The use of the royal "we" was meant to declare to the offender that he had angered queen, demeaning her status as the epitome of excellence and majesty.

Americans have never been intimidated or silenced by the use of the royal "we" because they have have not been under the rule of an aristocratic class for the last two and a half centuries. In fact, no American president has ever dared to put down a large segment of the American people as if he were a king irritated by his subjects.

That is, until now.

President Obama recently has stated the Tea Party crowds who protest his tax policies "amuse" him. He feels they should be grateful to him.

Such statements by the leader of Americans certainly make it seem as if Obama sees himself as an aristocratic bent on ignoring, demeaning and controlling unfavored segments of the American people, especially those who dare to show "disrespect" by declaring their opposition to the administration's politices.

Think about it.

The president of all the people of the United States of America believes the Tea Partiers' concerns and protests are "amusing." He considers them ungrateful wretches. His attitude of "let them eat cake" is dangerously dismissive as well as divisive. His statements indicate he sees his position as one of "me" against "them."

I can recall no president in history who has brushed aside his fellow citizens and their concerns with such overtly snobblish and cavalier dismissal.

The above is not to say there haven't been presidents who hae been angered by large segments of the populace. It is not to say there haven't been presidents who have wished they didn't have strong opposition. It is to say, however, that to my recollection, there has never been a president who has consistently demeaned, derided and ignored large segments of US society.

Our president gives example after example of behavior which indicates he believes himself to be above the masses by reason of his intelligence, power and absolute rightness of his causes. When a president has an attitude of disdain toward the people he has been elected to serve, it indicates he doesn't wish to represent the people. It reveals he wishes to rule the people.

President Obama is in for a shock by November as alienated Americans send a message to him: You are not a king. You are an elected representative of the American people who is called to listen to and to act on behalf of all American citizens, even those who disagree with you.

This November voting Americans will tell the president, "We are not amused."

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