Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jerusalem No Longer in Israel, According to US State Department

One of the favorite tactics of Stalinist Russia was the re-writing of history, including completely erasing certain facts and figures from the historical slate. Down the "memory hole" went uncomfortable facts such as the Ukraine famine of the early 1930's. Power players once photographed with Stalin suddenly vanished, their visages photo-shopped out of existence.

While all administration are afflicted with a certain amount of revisionism designed to keep their legacy secure, it appears our current administration takes the cake.

According to a recent article in the Weekly Standard, the state department has been busily expunging the words "Jerusalem, Israel" from all photo captions and articles.

Spokesmen say they are only following the example of the Bush administration, but as it turns out, they have also gone back and eliminated the words "Jerusalem, Israel" from the records of the Bush administration. So all erasures are of their own doing during this present administration.

Aside from the utter gall it requires to place the blame for the erasure of the words on the back of the Bush administration, what can this strange obliteration of the location of Jerusalem possibly auger?

You may well ask.

What it probably means is that the Obama state department has caved in to the demands of the Palestinians, who insist Jerusalem rightfully belongs to them, not to Israel.

It also means that Israel, having no legitimacy as a nation in the eyes of Palestinian leaders, has no city called "Jerusalem."

It's just one demand from the Palestinians which enables them to actualize their ultimate goal; namely, the extinguishing of Israel itself.