Friday, February 4, 2011

"Back Alley" Backfires

One of the chief talking points by those in favor of legalizing
abortion was the “back alley” argument. The claim was that if abortion wasnt legalized and women not given the oportunity to abort in sanitary, well regulated environments, they would be forced into back alley, illegal hell holes filled with filth and danger.

It was a powerful argument, as was the “coat hanger” argument, the substance of which was that the woman would use dangerous instruments to abort herself, risking her life with complications such as perforation of the uterus, damage to the cervix, and the possibility of leaving fetal remains within the uterus– a complication leading to toxic shock and death.

Alas, all the horror stories cited by the pro-abortion Left–and more–have come to pass. they have come to pass in perfectly legal clinics, witness the gruesome stories attendant to the Gosnell clinic in Philadelphia as well as the Elkton Maryland abortion clinic in which one young woman nearly lost her life and thrity-five late term, viable infants were found on site in a freezer.

Yet do we see women from NOW or NARAL marching in the streets in protest against the conditions they deplored and cited as a reason for the legalization of abortion? Do we see massive outpourings of rage concerning the lack of regulations? Do we see a push for legislating even minimal health standards for abortion clinics?

On the contrary, all we’ve seen from the pro-abortion advocates is resistance to regulations and hostility toward organizations which provide alternatives.

We don’t even see from the pro-abortion Left much, if any, outrage over the infanticide committed in Gosnell’s clinic.