Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Treason by Any Other Name: Our administration is deliberately destroying our country on the altar of revolution

I remember when the Berlin wall went up in 1961. Even today I can re-run mind films of the desperate attempts of men and women who tried to leap over the wall and were shot to death by their own countrymen. I still have video clips in my head of the East Germans who tunneled their way to freedom in the West, risking suffocation from collapsed piles of earth. They literally clawed their way out like partially blind moles seeking light.

Never did I think that ugly wall would come down–not in my lifetime. So when it tumbled in 1989 and jubilant, weeping East Germans flooded across the forbidden zone, I watched with joyful incomprehension. Then, as one communist state after another collapsed, falling before the wind of freedom’s heady contagion, I breathed a sigh of relief to know the beast of Communism was slain.

Twenty years later, a memorial ceremony commemorating the fall of that dread wall was celebrated by freedom loving heads of state from all over the globe. It was a great and glorious day of remembrance. But our own president was conspicuously absent from the celebration of that historic day. Why didn’t he attend? Why the tepid response?

Perhaps our president did not attend because his sympathies resonate less with the desperate prisoners escaping from behind the wall than with the statist governments from which they were fleeing. Perhaps his deepest empathy lies with the communist revolution, not with those who defeated it. Certainly in thought and action, he is in almost complete alignment with socialist/communist ideology. Most ominously, perhaps his sympathies lie with anarchistic revolutionaries of all stripes, including Islamists.

Who would have thought the U.S., so instrumental in holding back the forces behind the Cold War, so forceful in opposing communism, so strong in its defeat of the Soviet Union, would ever elect a head of state who sympathizes with and fosters the program of communist ideology?
It seems to defy the imagination. But as reluctantly as one may be persuaded of our administration latent and overt support of a socialist/communist agenda, our president’s actions along with those of the radical ideologues who surround him offer little encouragement to believe otherwise.

Though communism suffered an apparently fatal blow when it collapsed in Eastern Europe and Russia, it obviously still retains a certain potency and attraction. Formerly almost entirely confined to Western academia–from whence our president and many of his advisors come--like Frankenstein’s zombie corpse, it has awakened and is enlivening a coterie of Washington power players who seem determined to force their ideological agenda on a deluded American public. To put it in bald terms, our nation is in danger of being dragged down into the abyss of communism with no guarantee of being resurrected from the pit of that ideology unless a redemptive miracle occurs.

It is well to remind ourselves that communism is a combination of the theory of natural law plus moral relativism. Science was married to the communist theory of the inexorability of socialist progress. The result is that historical progress of communism is inevitable. However, that inevitability is to be advanced by sheer power gathered in the hands of a few powerful elite .

The new force of nature is to be made manifest in new societal orders built on the destruction of the old orders. The new society was not to be confined to any one nation, which was the belief of the fascists, but was to be universal, international, global in scope. The ultimate goal is a classless society and total, radical egalitarianism.

Such are the beliefs of our president and many of the people who surround him. Most are products of an academia still in thrall to Marxist or neo-Marxist beliefs. None of the ideologues have been, until elevated to power, more than armchair philosophers; that is, none have actually lived under the oppression of a communist state. They love the idea of revolution as long as they can live safely in their own world. They have a hankering for tinkering with and effectuating revolutionary ideas, but actually live in unperturbed safety as surely as did the aristocratic, perfumed and satin clad devotees of the Enlightenment just before the French Revolution.

So it must create some lip smacking to see the disturbance of the masses they seek to control when the inhabitants of the White House hang from the national "Holiday Tree" ornaments plastered with the countenance of Mao Tse Tung; or, like Anita Dunn, give lectures to captive groups of high school students about the virtues of the author of the Little Red Book. How deliciously radical. It is truly delightful to be inflammatory when there are seemingly no consequences.

But the power enjoyed by our present administration has gone beyond mere provocation of the sensibilities of the unwashed and unenlightened masses. It even has gone beyond the collection of a group of henchmen who resemble in their statements and writings the corrupt sycophants who surrounded Stalin and Hitler. The odious Czars– a story in themselves– and ludicrously inept heads of agencies such as Janet Napolitano are a mere side show when it comes to the agenda for destroying American institutions, for transforming America into a quasi-communist state and for eliminating American exceptionalism on the international stage.

For as students of history and philosophy can discern, the actions of the Obama administration are intended to achieve the socialist/communist intent to level the capitalist U.S. to the status of any other nation and to hand its sovereignty over to global international organizations which have at their basis the radical egalitarianism which typifies Marxism. Just as all individuals are to be the same, even so nations must all be the same. In Obama’s words, "No one nation should dominate another."

That is also why Obama kowtows to the authority of the U.N. The United Nations is filled with third world countries who believe as he does; namely, that the U.S. should have no more authority than any other nation, but should be subject to the deliberations and policies of an organization promoting world governance.

It is why he is anxious to ratify a global warming treaty that would take wealth from the West and redistribute it to the poorer nations in order to level the international playing field. The idea is to impoverish the West in order to bring up the status of third world countries. That way, citizens of the world will all be equal.

It is why he favors international treaties such as the Treaty of the Sea, which would distribute wealth of the seas "equally" while diminishing the Western nations control over the coasts of their countries.

It is why he ignores the problems of unchecked immigration to the U.S. For if the world’s citizens are to be equal, no one nation has the right to establish its borders and thus create a disadvantage to those who would like to participate in the wealthier countries largess.

For those who protest they are not culpable and therefore not worthy of extinction as a nation or as a given class to which socialist/communist sympathizers are automatically hostile, it is well to remember there is no forgiveness or redemption possible for existing societal orders which do not find legitimacy of existence in the communist ideological structure. No expiation of guilt or reformation of character is possible for despised classes of a given society. Any targeted class is automatically guilty as charged. Guilt is by fiat.

Therefore, entire classes must be punished or eliminated in order the given societal structure t be demolished. Their patrimony, cultural and political, must be extinguished so it may never rise again to repeat the offenses of the past. Whole classes are guilty just because they are members of their particular class. Whole classes are virtuous just by being members of their particular class. A totally new man; a completely new and just socieity will rise from the ashes.

The Obama administration’s domestic policies follow the communist rationale. He wants to radically transform the classes of American society and to redistribute the wealth of the nation in order to establish egalitarian "fairness." In his own words to Joe the Plumber, "We want to spread the wealth around." Joe, it might added, represents the bourgeoisie which stands in the way of the elevation of the oppressed classes represented by the minorities of this country.

The drastic realignment of the U.S. domestically and internationally must occur because the capitalist system is considered to be irretrievably corrupt. According to communist ideology, wealth is inherently evil unless it is in the hands of laborers, not the capitalist factory builders and owners.

While the president is deeply indebted to labor unions for their campaign contributions, he also favors unions because of his ideological belief that the "workers" are the true creators of wealth. Unions, not the greedy "fat cat" bankers he recently vilified are the truly righteous producers of wealth. Union workers are virtuous, not the middle class, which is comprised of voracious capitalist entrepreneurs who enslave those they hire.

Not coincidently unions are also a means of achieving power over society, as they have the ability to cripple a nation’s economy, especially if they are in charge of sensitive economic entities such as airport security–which is one reason the TSA should not become unionized, as unionized workers can act as shock troops to close down vital services such as air transportation. The resulting chaos would then "require" more control from the administration, perhaps backed up by army maneuvers to "control" the situation.

Obama’s adherence to ideology also explains his attacks on American small businesses via taxes and a nationalized universal health plan. Again, for the socialist ideologue, the most hated class is the bourgeoisie, which is regarded as worthy of suppression and eventual elimination in favor of the ruling class (an elite who are better by virtue of education and ideological conviction than other mortals) and the proletariat (the "worker").

All the above tendencies and policies are more than worrisome. But perhaps most alarming of all, Obama’s socialist/communist/anarchist approach to domestic and international policies combined with his penchant for surrounding himself with extreme radicals may be the reason he takes a weak and appeasing posture toward Islamists who seek to destroy the United States and indeed all of Western civilization.

Revolutionaries have a sometimes not so secret admiration for other revolutionaries, be they religious or political or a combination of both, as their stated goals are similar; namely, to bring a given society to its knees by any means possible. Obama’s words and actions indicate he empathizes with and supports the Islamists. He and his administration are aiding and abetting those who are determined to destroy us.

Aiding and abetting the enemy is the very definition of the word "treason."

Treason is a very grave charge to level at the commander in chief of our armies and the head of our great country, but the actions taken in the first year of Obama’s presidency certainly can be considered bordering on if not deliberately treasonous.

First, his posture toward the international community has been so apologetic and so overtly conciliatory toward the countries infiltrated with and supportive of radical Islamists as to amount to subliminal alliances not approved by congress. The new shadow alliances have been accompanied by the repudiation, overt and symbolic, of traditional U.S. allies such as England, whose prime minister Obama has insulted time and again; and Eastern Europe, whom he has betrayed by depriving it of promised protection by dismantling the missile defense shield.

In addition, the administration has consistently taken a bullying attitude toward Israel, our most reliable Mid-East ally, all the while taking a conciliatory posture toward Iran, whose peoples have risen in revolt against their odious regime while the president refuses to aid them in any significant way other than through tepid, vague bromides. Iran’s nuclear program proceeds apace.

Concerning the war in Afghanistan, he has signaled acceptance of stalemate and withdrawal while leaving our beleaguered soldiers to fight on without any specific goals, cynically timing withdrawal in accordance with mere political ends.

Obama’s behavior and policies toward Islamists’ attacks here in the U.S. have been shameful. He has sent Gitmo detainees back to their countries of origin, whence they may plot our destruction at leisure amongst empathetic and powerless governments. He has given terrorists the rights of American citizens, bypassing the legitimate apparatus of the military tribunals and granting trials within our civilian court system, thus disheartening and vitiating our military while causing grave concerns and fears among our people.

The attacks at Fort Hood and the recent attempt to take down one of our civilian aircrafts have been acts of war deliberately redefined by our president as mere individual attacks rather than as acts of war fomented and supported by an enemy force. Valuable information about our enemies terrorist networks now has been locked away in our civilian court process, while the enemies who have attacked our military and our civilians are given constitutional rights belonging only to U.S. citizens.

In addition, he has given INTERPOL full protection and immunity within our own country, thus ensuring it can gather information and sit on it indefinitely without fear of search or seizure of important facts which may have bearing on the safety of U.S. citizens.

In the meantime, Obama ties up the media and congress with interminable and incomprehensible deliberations over "health care." While the legislative package contains goals dear to the heart of this administration, the constant attention given it serves as a smoke screen which protects the a administration from media and the congress, both of whom should be the watchdogs sniffing out and exposing his traitorous actions.

All of the above actions and stances, domestically and internationally indicate Obama is not living up to his oath of office, an oath which insists our president put the interests and safety of our nation and its peoples first. Instead, we see our nation’s interests and its sovereignty and power being sacrificed by our president in order that global organizations prevail; that new shadow alliances have primacy over old and respected alliances and treaties with allies; that our military is vitiated while aid and comfort are offered to our sworn enemies; that our citizens are being shepherded into a holding pen run by the federal government; that federalism itself be destroyed; and that the constitution itself become a mere footnote of American history.

It is treasonous for any president to put the interests and safety of our nations’ sworn enemies and international entities above the interests and safety of our country. It is treasonous to adhere by belief and actions to a philosophy that is inimical to the traditions and historic documents which define our country. It is treasonous to empathize with and to aid and abet those who hate our country and who wish to destroy it.

As outlined above, our president, his advisors and his administration are guilty of all three treasonous behaviors. It is up to U.S. citizens to continue to expose the treason, to confront and to remove from office a president who sabotages by thought, word and deed the core constitutional values and interests of our great nation.

–Fay Voshell
Copyright: January 11, 2010


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